Why Google Music Is Better Than Great

Google’s done a lot lately that is out of touch with not being evil but at its core Google is still intent on breaking down silos (as long as its not their ad network) and giving motivated people the power to fight back.

Okay, that’s a little too utopian but I’ve hardly read about Google Music’s Artist Hub. Is it a new idea? Well I feel like most anybody could get their podcast or music on iTunes so no. The real magic is a philosophy born out of YouTube that anyone can be a star (although most of us will upload cat videos or vlogs not even out family watches). I think it can be realistically said that YouTube will be a tidal wave that destroys traditional cable.

Google hates content owners, it hates spectrum owners, yes it hates people that have semi-monopoly power and keep others from innovating to maximize their share of the pie even tho a smaller share of a bigger pie is more profitable. And as far as I can tell from artists is they aren’t terribly fond of record labels either.

YouTube is introducing the ability to buy merchandise right from video pages, now music will be for sale, and they’re trying to decrease friction of sharing, albeit with G+ ( :-\ I’m still holding on that it’ll be good).

But I digress, the YouTube star (not the ones we laugh about in emails) doesn’t need a record label to start distributing music, or tell them to price them. I think it’s great, record labels are a drag, popular radio is painful, music is finally being returned to the artists even if Google holds the reigns for now.

 GigaOM says the same today!