If I Were Steve Balmer

I’d stop being an overpaid troll, get out of the hardware business and make Xbox live the new basis of my business.

Imagine a world where Xbox was open source and on TVs and PCs and pretty much everything not phones (you’d need a different version for phones) AND run it like Steam or OnLive. Everything had Kinect and Surface built in, content was delivered via the cloud personal or professional, Microsoft would have an identity system and social network, and your UI and UX wouldn’t look like hell.

Xbox Live is a great model for monetization and content delivery that THEY ALREADY HAVE. You’d be able to log in and have all your stuff pretty much anywhere, come to think of it I think 2 other companies are really trying to do this (Apple and Google).

I know I’m a nerd, I love tech news, and I hate Microsoft. But the more I think about it I think it’s because they have some great technology and do nothing with it. Enough with my rant, Microsoft will continue to shoot themselves in the foot until they whither into obscurity.