Microsoft Buys Vizio

Originally published on April 17, 2013.

I wrote this last Spring and never published it. I did buy a Chromebook and I still think Microsoft should buy Vizio but I think we’ll see Facebook buying XBox before long and then Microsoft will be gone. Enjoy:

I don’t want to write very long on this subject. I feel pretty confident with this prediction.

Okay, Microsoft probably won’t buy Vizio but Vizio will make Windows relevant in a fast approaching post PC market.

I don’t want a PC, or a tablet much, in fact I’ll probably buy a Chromebook to replace my laptop because I do so little that requires real computing power. I already operate more than 50% of the time on my Nexus S, and as the screen size increases and the operating system gets more powerful I’ll use a computer less and less.

This does not mean people won’t use PCs for years to come. My dad will always use a PC. Not everyone is ready to be completely absorbed by the Apple ecosystem and Google’s aggressive cloud strategy makes some people uneasy.

Anyway enough talking about that, lets just suffice it to say Microsoft isn’t going to die, they’re just going to have to change.