Camp Techstars

Colorado Mountain Ranch, Gold Hill Colorado Mountain Ranch, Gold Hill

On the way to summer camp my gut turned as nervous energy controlled my thoughts. Behind me I watched as my old friends and memories faded into the distance and only question marks ahead of me, down a long strange road. What would the other campers be like? Would I make any friends? Will I have to share a shower?

The next three months became a frenzy of crashing go karts, racing down water slides, drinking around campfires (or more commonly overly crowded tables), regretting drinking around campfires, biking over mountains, and innumerable other activities. Among all the fun we actually learned a lot too! Honestly, so much happened I wouldn’t remember half of it were it not for our calendar master Dalia Mitra and Google Docs.

It seemed in the blink of an eye summer camp was over. I never thought I would have so many amazing experiences, learn so much, or meet so many amazing people. And now, almost as soon as we came together, we go our separate ways. The summer was so busy I hardly had time to reflect much less send a postcard home. Mom must be worried sick, I never did get around to telling her how archery turned out… but that’s for another time.

Now, as we roll up our sleeping bags, fold all our clothes and pack away all of our homemade candles and lanyards, there’s a moment to reflect on this unbelievable summer in an unbelievable place. I didn’t come to summer camp with my friends, I didn’t know who my cabin mates would be; but here at the end, I’m left with lasting, meaningful relationships I never would have anticipated.

I may be getting ready to board the bus soon, but its not the same bus I came here on. This bus is going to Oakland, and this time I’m not going alone. I’m riding with my summer cycling friends from Cabin Kato: Peter and Andrei. And we’re not alone on our the road west. AdsNative, GoodApril, Shopventory and SnowShoe are right beside us on our Manifest Destiny.

Summer camp may be over but the friendships forged are forever and the fun has only just begun. I would be remiss if I didn’t specifically thank a few people, Luke Beatty and Eugene Wan for giving me this opportunity, you guys are the best. I also couldn’t board this bus without giving a huge thanks to the dozens of local mentors and hundreds of mentors in the Techstars network who make this experience possible. There’s no price tag I can put on the free education I got over the summer by some of the smartest people around.

I joined Cabin Kato on the long trek west because not only did Peter and Andrei push me incredibly hard to bike up a mountain but also because I believe strongly in their vision of saving souls from email hell. Whatever the future holds, I can’t wait for the whirlwind this adventure will be.

My only regret is not being able to work with all the teams. Techstars is so much more than an accelerator—Techstars is family. If I could give one piece of advice it would be that when presented with new, strange opportunities like joining an accelerator close your eyes and jump in. You’ll never know what’s going to happen but you only have one way of finding out.

Pat, pat, clap, clap, snap, snap, yeah! #tsbouldercampcheer