Blogging for the month of August

In an attempt to be a better writer, and to pay attention to this very stale blog, I am going to attempt to post every day for the month of »

Mark Bingham (1970-2001)

Originally posted at One of our brothers, Mark Bingham, was tragically taken from us on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, during the terrorist attack on our »

Zen and the Art of Quitting Football

An Inquiry Into Happiness "We have a choice — in everything we do — between creation and destruction, yin and yang." John Moffitt was shouting wisdom over the jazz ensamble playing at »

Seeing Through The Fog

I've been told many times that the process of coming out is cathartic. Yet since coming to terms with my sexuality, I found it arduous and unnecessary. At least that's »

Wisdom from Dylan Meier

Cleaning out my car this morning, I found a quote from Dylan that rang especially true with me. Dylan would have been 30 years young last Friday. He was wise »

Freicoin and Square

A Match Made in... Austria? Freicoin is based on the concept of demurrage was first introduced by Silvio Gesell and implemented successfully in Wörgl, Austria. I think it could be »

A Better Spring Game

Have you played college football? If not, let me tell you a little secret: football practice in the Spring is the worst. Seriously. Fall camp is really brutal, but there's »

Innovative Sports Media Strategy

Yesterday I wrote about how football dying could kill college athletics. Today I'm going to share part of an email describing a media strategy I suggested to a D2 school »

Dear Mark Cuban,

Football will die, you're right. For all the reasons you stated, probably more so from number 1 than you let on. I played the game for 15 years and love »

My Friend Jenny

I recently moved to SF. It's been mostly great. The food and drink are diverse, the people are ever-interesting, and the weather is far better than the Wisconsin winters I'm »